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Who me?

Heather grew up in Scottsdale, AZ, and started her love for dancing when she was merely still in diapers. She spent her days dreaming of becoming a star, doing things like recording herself on her parents old tape recorder, or performing Britney Spears at her middle school talent show. As the saying goes, she was never not performing. In 2003, Heather booked it to Los Angeles and competed with her dance group on the Arsenio Hall Variety Show, Star Search, and in 2006, Heather's talent landed her in the top 40 on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance.    When the day came , Heather was faced with a choice: whether living an artist’s dream was worth the struggle every movie made it out to be, or to stay in her hometown and forget about her love for entertainment. At 19, Heather officially moved out to Los Angeles and began auditioning, landing her first dance job as Beyoncé's back up dancer nearly 6 months after making her big decision.   Since, Heather has tried her hand in acting, working on productions like the BLUE SKY franchise ICE AGE, Harmony Korrine’s feature Spring Breakers, and most iconically, playing the dry, ditsy character of Brittany S. Pierce on FOX’s hit series Glee.

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